Hi, I am Federico Cabrera,

but you can call me Fede. I'm a photographer based in Buenos Aires, usually cycling through beautiful but impoverished remote areas, in order to make, print, and give away portraits to families who won't otherwise ever have a family photograph... and also to donate water filters & solar lights to those who need them most! 

As a child I dreamt of exploring Africa as a National Geographic photographer, but I got a degree and celebrated a successful career in Foreign Trade instead... but 8 years ago I gave up a 15+ years career to follow my passion for photography!

While I was exploring Peru & Bolivia, I was heartbroken by many tourists taking photos of local people as if they’re in a Human Safari (without showing any respect to their subjects) but it was even worse when I found out several of those local people didn’t have a single family photo. Later, when I was riding at Northern Argentina during my 2nd trip, I found out many families didn't have access to clean drinkable water (unfortunately 100,000 people die every year due to water contamination just in Latin America), so nowadays I'm also giving away water filters (as well as printed family portraits & solar lights).

In the last 6 years, I rode close to 30.000+ kilometers through South America (Peru Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina), I made + printed + gave away more than 500 portraits and I donated 350 solar lamps & water filters!