To protect my eyes from the sun, wind, dust, UVA & UV rays while cycling South America, I´ll be using custom Ray-Ban 8301 sunglasses with Transitions Vantage Lenses. These polarized glasses will let me nail the focus on the Family Portraits even at the harshest conditions of the high Andes…

Tech Specs:

Ray-Ban ® Tech RB8301 sunglasses. Carbon fiber and a resin composite creates a lightweight, strong, flexible, and resilient material. The Ray-Ban monel Aviator™ inspired sunglasses have a smaller rounded eye shape and is paired with slim elongated carbon fiber temples. Rubber temple tips for added comfort and non-slip grip.

Transitions Vantage lenses. The new Transitions Vantage lenses don’t just adapt to changing light, they also polarize as they darken.  Outdoors, the polarization adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare, which can vary as the day progresses and conditions change.   That means you see life in the best light with less glare for better clarity and color.


Photographer cycling "in developing" countries making + printing + giving away portraits for those families who had none...

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